Christopher MacInnes

Christopher MacInnes works across computer-generated animation, installation, sculpture, and computer programming, drawing on visual languages from consumer technology, the corporate web, and science fiction. Through the creation of immersive environments, he explores the heavy infrastructure of information based cultures, contrasted against the glossy hyper-texture of our luxury-tech devices, articulating the practice and nature of being human in a simultaneously industrial and intangible environment.


Bad Data 1

Giclée print mounted on acrylic

Bad Data 1

CGI kawaii/cute and danmaku/barrage imagery as condensations of the complexity of Platform Capitalism. A still from an interactive video work.

Bad Data 2

Giclée print mounted on acrylic
40x60 cm

Bad Data 2

CGI jellyfish as manifest metaphor for 24-hour industrialised social interaction. A still from an interactive video work.

Bad Data Set

LCD panels, custom-built PCs, webcams, silicone, mineral oil, computer animation and programming

Bad Data Set

Two custom built computers running live generated animations, with mineral oil seeping through them.

Small Gate, Infinite Field

Computer generated animation, projection, audio, spoken word

Small Gate, Infinite Field

Developed from a period exploring the post-human nature of the internet, a space of concealment and exposure, an immersive generated environment consisting of industrial substations, meshed with the persistent growth of vital matter.

Retina Gothic

Computer animation, aluminium truss, blue strip lights, audio

Retina Gothic

A slow dive beneath the glossy artifice of the techno-corporate infrastructure, a multi-channel video installation of computer-generated animation exploring concepts of entropy and hardware decay, drawing parallels between our infinitely expanding online environment and our rapidly dwindling material resources.

Solo Exhibitions

2017    Title TBC, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, UK

2017    ILLOGICAL CORE2: Interior Ocean, Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow, UK

2018    Title TBC, Tendency Towards, Aberdeen, UK

2016    Retina Gothic, Intermedia Gallery (CCA), Glasgow, UK

2015    Small Gate Infinite Field, Generator Projects, Dundee, UK                                            

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017    4K Made Me Sick, ArebyteLASER, London, UK

2017    On The Ground, Perth Art Gallery and Museum, Perth, UK

2016    I know Amy: Loom Loom Loom and Gwenan International, Queen's Park Bowling Club, Glasgow, UK

2016    NEO NEO: Salted Findings, Pig Rock Bothy, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK

2016    Future Artifact, Dose Projects, New York, USA

2015    Move Me, Film Open, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

2015    Boot Signal, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

2015    SIMSTIM, Glasgow Open House Art Festival, Glasgow, UK    

2014    Black Cube Collective Annual Show, St. Margaret's House, Edinburgh, UK         

2014    Doom Deluxe, Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow, UK

2014    It Narratives, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, USA

2014    I Hope Too Much, Kypseli, Athens, Greece

2013   BYOB, The Whisky Bond, Glasgow, UKSlice, The Whisky Bond, Glasgow, UK                                                                                                                  

Other Projects

2016    ILLOGICAL CORE, Performance at Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow, UK

2016-present One half of ILLOGICAL CORE with poet Anthony Autumn, an immersive exploration of live-soundscaping and experimental spoken word

2015    SIMSTIM, Glasgow Open House Festival, Glasgow, UK (curated)

2013    Digitized By Google, introduction written for artist's book by Alain Barthélémy & Julien Levesque,Edinburgh Art Festival Film Club, Edinburgh, UK     

2013     Generator and WestFest Artists' Film Night, Generator Projects, Dundee, UK

2012-2014   Editor and founder of Undercurrents magazine - a journal of contemporary art writing and critical thinking in Glasgow                                

Residencies and Awards

2017    Creative Scotland Open Project Fund

2016    Elephant Trust Fund

2015    Hope Scott Trust Fun            

2015    Visual Arts and Crafts Mentorship Award