Ilona Broeseliske

Ilona Broeseliske calls her practice P.P.P. (Petrified Porcelain Poetry) and compares her work with 3D line drawings which have escaped out from sheets of white A4 copy paper and ’become stone’. Scale plays an important role in her work, her sculptures being no larger than the human head. Through tactility, a highly-finished surface and almost engineering-level precision she calls the observer to come closer, inviting an intimate engagement with her work.


The Nose Picker

Porcelain and sterling silver, each unique
20x2x1cm approx

The Nose Picker

A petrified snake with accompanying portable holes, a non-logical object with a semi-non-function (not intended for actual use).


Petrified Polished Porcelain (P.P.P.)


Part of the upper world of composition 1011010.

Embarking sequence

Porcelain with fine silver inlay

Embarking sequence

‘Hi’ translates into 0110100001101001... 'Bye’ translate into 01100010 01111001... In order to prevent this system from creating chaos, and to reduce any errors caused by electrical leakage, a code was invented.

Composition 3 a.m.

Petrified Polished Porcelain (P.P.P.) and fine silver inlay

Composition 3 a.m.

Always chasing and backward and reversed! The sun started speaking, vibrating limbs altogether.

Solo Exhibitions

May-17 Private Show by Sarah Griffin, London Craft week, London, UK

Dec-16 KCUA Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

Nov-Jan 2017/18 International Hokuriku Kogei exhibition, Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art & Design, Toyama, Japan

Dec-Jan 2017/18 Making it now curated by Gregory Parsons, Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin, Wales, UK

Dec-17 New Horizons Joanna Bird, London, UK

June-17 RCA Final Show, Battersea, London, UK

Sep-17 Decorex, Future Heritage with Corinne Julius, London, UK

Aug-17 Shortlisted for the U-50 International Hokuriku Kogei Awards, Toyama, Japan

Jan-17 RCA Work in Progress Show, London, UK

Jan-17 Emerging and Established 2, Christie’s South Kensington, London, UK

2016 Selected group show 8th Naspa Ceramics Talent Award 2016, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany

2016 Work-in-Progress Show Ceramics & Glass, Royal College of Art, Battersea, London

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards

2017 Start up Grant, Stichting van Achterbergh - Domhof, NL

2017 Charlotte Fraser Award, London, UK

2016/2017 Stichting van Achterbergh - Domhof Grant, NL

2016/2017 Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Bursary, NL

2016/2017 Royal College of Art Bursary Scheme, UK

2016 Kyoto City University of Arts/ Royal College of Art exchange Award, UK

2016 Charlotte Fraser Award, London, UK

2015/2016 Stichting van Achterbergh - Domhof Grant, NL

2015/2016 Stichting dr. Hendrik Muller's Vaderlands Foundation Grant, NL

2015/2016 Royal College of Art Bursary Scheme, UK

2010 BFA Graduation display Award, Breda Art Award, Breda, NL