Jacob Farrell

Jacob Farrell’s practice is comprised of two interconnected processes -making and writing - focused on an exploration of material transformation and embodiment. This has manifested as architectural-scale interventions, artist’s books, photographic assemblage and cast objects. Jacob works regularly with graphite, a material usually associated with pencils and so drawing, but in its powdered form; nocturnalising colour, reproducing the condition of twilight.


Hypnagogic Drawing

Screen print mounted onto Dibond, each unique

Hypnagogic Drawing

Screen print made using powdered graphite and string. Each unique.


Sawn bin liner rolls, concrete, pigment, wax, steel, pleated plastic, graphite, text


Objects, architectural interventions and prints related to a fictional text.


Graphite, screen print


Multi-layered screen print using graphite powder.

Tessa's Mind

Colour darkroom photogram photograph

Tessa's Mind

Darkroom photograms using plastic pipe and bent light, installed on a window.

Worsened Yellow

Graphite, dye

Worsened Yellow

Mural using graphite and dye.

Solo Exhibitions

2017      Contributing Writer, The Middle of the World,  A Book, The Studios of 14 Artists, by Yonatan Vinitsky

2018      V22 Young London, Silvertown, London

2016      410 AD, Chadwell Award exhibition, supported by Bow Arts Trust

2015      Surmoulage, Watch it Gallery, South Woodford

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016      One Day Sculpture Park, Mullard Space Science Centre, Dorking, UK

2014      Half Words, Enclave Projects, London            

2013      Icons, in collaboration with Matthew Darbyshire, off-site project for Rod Barton Gallery, London

2012      T Rooms, Collaboration with Matthew Darbyshire, Tramway, Glasgow and 176, London    

2011      Group Show with Melanie de Quincey, Andrew Munks and Sophie Michael, Encausse Les Thermes,France

2011      Being is What it Is, Elderfield Road, London

2017      Co-Curator, Manifesto, Special Collections, and Cold Room Laboratory Project,Engineering Dept, UCL  

2016      Co-Curator, Poison Symposium, Rock Room Museum, UCL

2015      Contributing Writer, Ambiguity Symposium, curated by Sarai Kirchner and Valinia Svoronou          

2014      Artist in Residence, William Morris's Red House

2012      Co-Curator, with Melania de Quincey, The Art and Life of Alyda de Quincey, Utrophia Project Space, Deptford

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards

2010      What Comes Out, Publication, for Matthew Richardson, Limoncello, London

2016      Chadwell Studio Award, Bow Arts Trust            

2015      AHRC Funded UCL Studentship             

2014      Slade Print Scholarship             

2009      Grocers Company Scholarship