Lizzie Hughes

Lizzie Hughes makes meticulously detailed works that are often produced following long periods of obsessive research. Her approach to collecting and then structuring data has allowed her to remotely explore distant landscapes and briefly enter the private worlds of others. Her work provides an access to structures and networks so massive or complex that they defy comprehension, and while the obsessive act of making her work appears futile, something important is revealed.


Slip Slide Spin

Digitally printed 100% silk scarf
63x63 cm

Slip Slide Spin

Silk scarf printed with satellite images of skids and donuts in the Nevada desert.

39,221 Las Vegas Pools

Digital image

39,221 Las Vegas Pools

A digital drawing that traces all of the swimming pools within the Las Vegas city limits.

4007 Horizons

Digital video, 3 min loop

4007 Horizons

4,007 photographic images of the horizon (one for every ten Kilometres of the earth's circumference) are sourced from popular photo sharing websites, cropped to remove any reference points and organised on a timeline according to colour.

The Weather in Paris in 1909

Found postcards in double-sided frames

The Weather in Paris in 1909

210 postcards all sent from Paris in the year 1909. The handwritten message on each card references the weather at the time of writing.

Solo Exhibitions

2018    Artist in residence at CALL, Llandudno

2016    Museum, The Art House, Wakefield, UK

2014    Ghost of a Ghost, The William Morris Gallery, London, UK           

2010    Video Word, Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014    Revolver II, Matt's Gallery, London, UK            

2013    Film in Space (Anthology),Camden Arts Centre, London, UK            

2012    The Present is a Point Just Passed, The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, UK  

2011    Concrete Poetry, The Hayward Gallery, London, UK

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards

2017    Artist in Residence, Murray's Cottage, Hill End, New South Wales, Australia

2016    Artist in Residence, The Art House, Wakefield, UK

2015    Oppenheim John Downes Award            

2013    Artist in Residence, The William Morris Gallery, London, UK                            

2000    Mostyn Open Prize