London Fieldworks

London Fieldworks, formed in 2000 by artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson, is a collaborative practice working across social engagement, installation, architecture, video, and animation, situating works both in the gallery and the landscape. Looking for and thinking about correspondences between landscape and imagination has led to an interest in the idea of fieldwork as artistic practice. Projects have been developed in remote sites such as Northeast Greenland, the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest, and East Iceland, as a way of generating material through an open-ended, extempore, creative enquiry based on people, things, and phenomena rooted in a particular place. Subsequent multi-media projects have created speculative works of fiction out of a mix of ecological, scientific and pop-cultural narratives, exploring themes of suspended animation, technology, fantasy, and death.



3D printed photopolymer resin, buckram cloth covered box with blind debossing


3D printed accidental sculpture in a bespoke blind debossed box.


Animatronic robot, prosthetics, environmental sensors, bespoke software


An animatronic robot in a green-screen studio is used to produce an animated film in weekly episodes. Exploring themes of hibernation, the cryonics movement, and the urban myth around the death of Walt Disney.

Null Object: Gustav Metzger Thinks about Nothing

Robotically carved Portland stone, plaster-based 3D printed objects, bespoke software

Null Object: Gustav Metzger Thinks about Nothing

Neurophysiology, psychophysics, and manufacturing technology are linked in the production of a sculptural object. Using bespoke software, a 3D shape is derived from EEG readings of Gustav Metzger’s brain activity as he attempted to think about nothing.

Spontaneous City

CNC manufactured birch plywood, rubber, steel

Spontaneous City

A series of sculptural installations, reflecting the forms of the surrounding architecture and mounted in trees in urban green spaces, provide bespoke nesting sites for several hundred birds and their families.

Super Kingdom

Birch plywood, electroplated steel, rubber, untreated steel

Super Kingdom

An installation of 'animal show homes' based on the architecture of despots' palaces.

The Leopard

Wood, steel, printed vinyl, brass

The Leopard

A Regency style observation platform, complete with chaise longue, mounted in a tree at Clumber House in Nottinghamshire. Referencing a previous occupant's failed attempt to domesticate an Indian Leopard as part of his menagerie.

Solo Exhibitions

2017      Revolução, Universidade de Coimbra, Colègio das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal        

2017      Assembly Lines, Prospect East, Stratford, London, UK            

2017      Outlandia, Glen Nevis, Scotland

2017      Parallel Development 2, Future City, Cambridge, UK               

2016      Telephone Without a Wire, Universidade de Coimbra, Colègio das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal           

2016      Spontaneous City: Hoxton, PEER Gallery, London, UK            

2015      Remote Centres: Performances from Outlandia, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

2013      Null Object: Gustav Metzger Thinks about Nothing, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK   

2012      The Leopard, The National Trust, Clumber Park, UK            

2012      Null Object: Gustav Metzger Thinks about Nothing, WORK Gallery, London, UK

2012      Rain Prophets, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK            

2011      Monarchy, SVA Gallery, Ashford, UK            

2010      Spontaneous City, UP Projects, London, UK            

2009      Super Kingdom, Stour Valley Arts, Kings Wood, Kent, UK            

2007      Hibernator, Beaconsfield, London, UK            

2005      Little Earth, Wapping Project, London, UK

2002      Naked Light: The Eye is Not the Thing that Sees, The Lab, San Francisco, USA    

2002      Polaria, Wapping Project, London, UK

2002      Polaria/Gastarbyter, CCA, Glasgow

2002      Polaria/Gastarbyter, NGCA, Sunderland, UK

1999      Syzgy, ICA, London

1998      Syrgy, @Bristol, Bristol, UK

1998      Gastarbyter, ICA, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017      Rrevolução, Universidade de Coimbra, Colègio das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal

2015      Are We Sufficiently Bored?, Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, USA

2014      The Negligent Eye, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2014      Paradise, Trust New Art, Bristol, UK

2014      Castles in the Air, Sypestyn, Loosdrecht, Netherlands

2014      Like a Bird,, Bucharest, Romania

2013      Like a Bird, Trafo Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2013      Tropixel Festival, Ubatuba, Brazil

2012      Mobile Republic, Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Various sites, UK

2012      Poetry, Language, Code, Visualise Summer Exhibition, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK    

2011      The Charter of the Forest, The Collection and Usher Gallery, Lincoln, UK

2011      Laboratory Life, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong

2010      Artist’s Airshow, Highland Institute of Contemporary Arts, Inverness, UK

2009      Polar Expeditions, Verbeke Foundation, Belgium

2006      Space Soon, The Roundhouse, London, UK

2005      Science Museum Art Project 5: Big Ideas, Dana Centre, London, UK

Other Projects

2017      The Smell of Ink, artists film screened at ZKM, Karlsruhe as part of Hansjörg Mayer: The Smell of Ink, within the series Poetic Expansions.    

2016      Remember Nature, point d'ironie no.58, in collaboration with Gustav Metzger, international distribution.

2014      Biofiction, screening of artist film THE PUBLIC MISUNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCE, Linz, Vienna, Nijmegen, Tokyo.

2014      Remote Performances, radio and sound-art project broadcast from artist treehouse studio, Outlandia, Glen Nevis, Scotland.

2013      Spontaneous City, a permanent 20m high sculptural installation commissioned by Rei Kawakubo for Dover Street Market, New York, USA.                                                        

Residencies and Awards