Maria Paz Garcia

María Paz García is a Chilean artist who works with various media to develop a visual language that questions the sense of cultural identity. She makes use of simulations and irony to play with preconceptions and assumptions made by observers.The blurry lines between what is normal, what is real, and ilussion are also part of her research.

María Paz García studied Fine Arts at Universidad Católica de Chile and holds a MFA from Goldsmiths College at University of London



Woodcut print
24 x 18 cm
The wood black was bought in South America circa 1973. Signed by ‘M’ this is the first time the block has been printed, forty years after it was carved.

Real Magic – Normal Magic (2018)

Woodcut print on plywood, set of 2
48 x 32 cm
The relation and differences between what is real and normal magic are left to the viewer's own beliefs.

Thin to Fat

One of a series of paintings using gradient lines. The wriggly line manages to unify and make sense of the unfinished background, which had the words thin-to-fat written in pencil.

Polite Graffiti

Painting of a quote from Levi-Strauss.The quote shows how beliefs and assumptions shape ideas of the Self and the Other.


I started this painting after doing the small text painting Polite Graffiti. I was haunted by the image of native Americans drowning the Conquistadors to find out if they had a body. I approached the canvas almost as a quicksand where I could leave traces. I used my fingers to tap left-overs of oil and then the canvas in a quick blind movement.

Solo Exhibitions

2015 MPG, Panam Gallery, Santiago Chile

2012 Little House. Kanchen House, Mysore, India.

2002 Clicks Cuts and Noises. Canvas Art Gallery, Amsterdam.

1999 Fading Views. Canvas Art Gallery, Amsterdam.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 London City Island, Resident's Art show, Ballymore gallery, London.

2017 Fair Booth Trial, Carousel, Curated by Marcel Darienzo (

2016 Slippery Surface, Harts Gallery, London

2016 DRIVE THRU, Q Park exhibition. Cavendish Square. Curated by Roger Clarke

2016 Rubbish & Romance, Octavius Road, Deptford.

2015 Summer Show Clase Fine Art. 6, Georgian House, St. James, London.

2015 Office Sessions 4: Beak Street. Curated by Caitlin Mavroleon

2015 The Open West. The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Cheltenham.

2014 Office Sessions 3. Art exhibition and experiment in site-specific work and installation. Curated by Caitlin Mavroleon

2012 Absorb Arts. Absorb Studio, London.

2011 Creekside Open 2011, Selected by Phyllida Barlow. APT Gallery, London.

2011 She Said. The Outside World Gallery, London.

2011 Trans-Siberian.In the travelling space of The Trans-Siberian Arts Centre.

2008 Plena Imagen. Museo de la Ciudad, Queretaro, Mexico.

2005 Entropia, Caos y Orden. ColdCreation Gallery, Barcelona.

2004 Svar /Svara. Gallery ColdCreation, Barcelona.

2004 Kunst Rai. Art Fair, Amsterdam.

2001 Lugares para visitar, EME3 Density. Centre de Cultura Contemporönia de Barcelona, CCCB, Barcelona.

2001 Mirada en viaje. Centro de Arte Santa Monica, Barcelona.

2000 Vano. Galeria ANIMAL, Santiago, Chile.

2000 Grandes Paños. Galeria Muro Sur, Santiago, Chile.

2000 Desde un mismo lugar. Galeria Tomas Andreu, Santiago, Chile.

2000 III Biennal de Temuco. Sala A. Pinto, Temuco, Chile.

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards

2017 Residency in La Joya Art, Spain.

2016 Artist Talk. AC Cuando La Arquitectura Encuentra La Ciudad

2009 National Council for the Arts Grant, Chilean Government.

1999 First prize. COSAPI Prize, GalerÕa Tomàs Andreu, Santiago.

1998 National Council for the Arts Grant, Chilean Government.

1996 Honorable mention, I Bienal De Arte de Temuco. Temuco, Chile.

1995 National Council for the Arts Grant, Chilean Government.

1995 Honorable mention. Bienal de Pintura Gunther Prize,

1995 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.

1994 First prize, Concurso Nacional sobre Ecologia en Chile,

1994 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.