Mustafa Hulusi

Mustafa Hulusi’s work combines a diverse series of references, including op art (optical art), Islamic art, advertising, and pop culture. Investigating how different visual “languages” shape our perception, his work explores the meaning of a publicised self and stardom. His work refers heavily to his Cypriot heritage, a combination of Middle Eastern and Western history. He often raises questions about the role of institutions in the art world and established his reputation with an extended series of “guerrilla” campaigns in which he saturated East London neighbourhoods with leaflets and posters.




Giclée print on acrylic


An exploration of the publicised self, referring to op art (optical art), advertising and pop culture. Geordie is a colloquial term describing someone from the city of Newcastle, England.

Mustafa Hulusi

Printed billboard poster

Mustafa Hulusi

An example of Mustafa's early billboard interventions from the early 2000's, exploring pop branding and disrupting/exploring celebrity.


Printed paper on billboard


An example of Mustafa's early guerilla artwork from the 1990s. Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, Mustafa's home country.

White Malibu 2

OIl paint on canvas

White Malibu 2

One of Mustafa's photo-realistic paintings of flowers from his native Cyprus. The decision to make photo-realistic paintings, after his extended work with flat graphical imagery, gives this aspect of Mustafa's work another layer of meaning.

Yellow Expander

Acrylic on canvas

Yellow Expander

A classic example of Mustafa's iconic Expander series, referencing op art and pop imagery.

Afyon & Expander (GOLD)

Oil paint on canvas, gold leaf on board

Afyon & Expander (GOLD)

An example of Mustafa's juxtaposing of different pop art references. High value, gold-leafed op art (optical art) sits incongruously next to a photorealistic painting of a Cypriot flower.

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Afyon, Max Wigram gallery, London

2009 Obliteration and Memory, Patrick Painter Inc, Los Angeles

2009 The Worshipers, Max Wigram gallery, London

2009 The Ruins, Civic Room, London

2008 Exstacy, Max Wigram gallery, London

2008 Iznik-Kibris-Londra, Galerist, Istanbul

2007 Cennet Bahcesi, A Foundation, Liverpool

2007 Field of Flowers, Max Wigram gallery, London

2005 The End of the West, Max Wigram gallery, London

2005 Mustafa Hulusi too, Rachmaninoffs, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 Fall Out: War and Conflict in the British Council Collection, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

2010 Newspeak: British Art Now, The Saatchi Gallery, London

2009 Natural Wonders: New Art from London, Baibakov Art Projects, Moscow, Russia

2008 Beyond Paradise, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, Holland

2007 The Elysian Paintings, Republic of Cyprus at the 52nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Art of La Biennale di Venezia, Venice.

2007 When We Build, Let Us Think We Build Forever, BALTIC, Gateshead Abstraction, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, UK

2006 Into Me/ Out of Me, PS1, New York; Kunst Werke, Berlin.

2006 To Here, Bloomberg Space, London

2006 Right On/ Write Off, The Great Unsigned, Chapman Fine Arts, London

2005 East International 05, Norwich Culture Bound, Courtauld Institute, London

2005 The Condition of England, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland

2004 New Contemporaries 04, 14 Wharf Road, London

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards