Nina Coulson

Nina Coulson’s practice involves numerous collaborations with fellow artists as well as non-artists. These relationships and exchanges often conclude in 'performatively activated sculptures', exploring the politics of art production in both the public and private realms. From 2002 to 2016 she worked in collaboration with artist Alex Johnson as Yoke and Zoom, making context-specific interventions into urban and rural public spaces, often involving the re-appropriation and distribution of everyday objects and designed to encourage interaction and exchange between their observers. Nina is also a co-founder and director of MOVEMENT, an artist-led project space on the platform of Worcester Foregate Street Railway Station, which has been running since 2010.


Et in Arcadia Ego

Plant, soil, ceramic pot
variable, pot measures 7x7x5cm

Et in Arcadia Ego

Genuine four-leafed clover grown by the artist from a new batch of seeds given to her by scientists at the Grassland Development Centre, Aberystwyth. This is the first time Nina has offered living four-leafed clover plants for sale. NB. Plants sold as well developed root and stalk - keep well watered and watch the leaves appear! Not every leaf grown will be the four-leafed variety.

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Pressed leaf, zip bag, hand-written sticker

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Pressed four leafed clover in zip bag.

The multi lateral tug of war

Various materials

The multi lateral tug of war

A series of performatively activated sculptures working around the concept of mediation, post collaborative practice and conflict negotiation. A multilateral tug of war where the controlled becomes uncontrollable through the action of being tethered whilst simultaneously being pulled from all sides.

Grit & Determination

Plastic grit boxes, grit

Grit & Determination

Artist-led scattered-site public artwork across 6 sites across Worcestershire, UK.


Four leaf clovers, geodesic greenhouse system


A collaboration between Yoke and Zoom & N55. A live project where three-leaf and four-leaf clovers were grown within the Cell Project Space gallery space, enabling the public to find and pick a lucky clover.

taking things lying down


taking things lying down

A series of improvised performances, where the artist lies down in various public spaces.

Mobile Cottage Industries


Mobile Cottage Industries

A small mobile thatched cottage ready to move to any location. Re-appropriating a 1957 2 berth caravan bought on ebay, and with the potential to park virtually anywhere and to be moved through many environments. The artwork is a mutable, recreational space and a provider of shelter.

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Mock Tudor, Transition Gallery, London, UK

2009 Mobile Cottage Industries, Artists in residence at the Big Chill, Eastnor, UK

2008 Mobile Cottage Industries, Artists in residence, New Art Gallery Walsall, UK

2005 Art Machine, British Art Show: Sideshow, Nottingham and Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

2005 Cloverfield, Collaborative project with N55, Cell Project Space, London, UK

2003 Art Machine, Nadiff Gallery, Tokyo,
 Art Machine and Tea Party, Rice+, Tokyo

2003 Road Rage, offsite project, Shrovesbury, UK

2001 System Shutdown, Stourbridge Art Gallery, Stourbridge, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Cooked and Raw: RCA at Liverpool Independents Biennial, UK

2018 The Lucid Dreamcatcher feat Katya Kan /4 performers, Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK

2018 Rumination's of a midnight stroll, Harlesden Highstreet London UK

2018 Lounge Arrival, Infinite Multiple, Arebyte, London, UK

2018 States of Public, Fact (Offsite Project) Liverpool, UK

2018 Embracing the Underdog Q Park, Chinatown London UK

2017 Pre-sliced Orange Slices, Light Eye Mind, London, UK

2017 Midnight Cinema, Harlesden Highstreet, London, UK

2016 ArtistsCompute, Office for Art, Design and Technology, Coventry, UK

Participated in MIIfriends project, collaboration with artist Ed Fornieles, UK/ Canada

Things we didn’t have before, Pump House Gallery, London, UK

2014 Turtle Salon, Article Gallery, Birmingham, UK

2014 Fete, Ceri Hand Gallery, London, UK

2013 Floor plan for an Institution, Meter Room, Coventry, UK

2011 Rural Punk, MOVEMENT, Worcester, UK

2011 Conjunction Biennial, Stoke on Trent, UK

2010 Artists Lottery Syndicate,

2010 Witch Night, Curated by Sarah Doyle/ Sarah Sparkes, Montague Arms, London, UK

2010 We are 10 PARTY, New Art Gallery Walsall, UK

2009 Give me Shelter, Meadow Arts, Attingham Park, Shropshire, UK

2009 Long Weekend, Tate Modern, London, UK

2009 Collaboration with House of Fairytales, Zoo Art Fair, London, UK

2009 The Mausoleum of Lost objects, INIVA, London

2009 Exquisite Trove, New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK

2008 If you build it they will come, G39, Cardiff, UK

2008 ctrl-copy, online exhibition,

2007 Stick /stamp /fly, Gasworks, London, UK

2007 The most curatorial biennial of the universe, Apex Art, New York, USA

2007 Almanac of political art, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, UK

2007 Pigeon Post, Nottingham/Leicester/Derby, UK

2007 Temporary measures, Associates, London, UK

2006 Strategic Questions, What is Integration? Young Biennial, Bucharest

2005 The artist with two brains, MOT International, St Paul’s Church, Birmingham, UK

2005 Collective Creativity, Kassel, Germany

 Art Link, Ueno-Yanaka, Tokyo

2004 Thermo 04, the Lowry, Manchester, UK

2004 Do something, Floating IP Gallery, Manchester, UK

2004 Multiplus, Saltburn Artists Projects, Saltburn on Sea, UK

2004 ROYGBIV, The Infirmary, Worcester, UK

2004 Radio Radio, The International 3, Manchester, UK

2003 Resist,, Crescent Arts, Scarborough, UK

 Possible, yet probable, G39, Cardiff, UK

2001 Myth and Logic, Stroud House Gallery, Stroud, UK

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards

2016-7 Bransford Trust  

2016-7 Arts Council Award, GFA, MOVEMENT, Organisational development/ Residency/Solo show

2016-7 Elephant Trust

2013-14 Sanctuary Housing Sponsorship for MOVEMENT  

2013-15 MOVEMENT gallery, two years programming, Arts Council England Award GFA

2010 Railways Heritage Trust, Award towards renovations for MOVEMENT

2009-12 MOVEMENT gallery, programming and renovations, Arts Council England Award GFA

2006-2007 Research into Artist led galleries, Arts Council England Award, GFA

2005 Cloverfield, Research and production visit to Copenhagen, to work as part of international collaboration culminating in a major solo/collaborative show at Cell Project Space London, with Danish Art/Design group N55, Arts Council England Award GFA

 ROYGBIV, Worcester Royal Infirmary, Public Art commission

2003 Road Rage, Public Art Commission, Shrewsbury, UK

2003 R+D Award to identify art market in Tokyo, GFA Arts Council England Award

2001-2002 Grit and Determination, Public Art Commission, ACE Award, Rural Responses

2001-2002 Fresh ArtFair, R+D, GFA Art Council England Award,
 Hothaus digital art Bursary, Vivid, Birmingham