paula roush

Working with photographic commissions, residencies and exhibitions, paula roush is interested in the intersection of photographic research and the materiality of paper-based publishing. Her photobook works are photo-textual narratives tracing place, memory and identity. paula's long term research project, the Found Photo Foundation, examines the collecting, archiving and publishing of orphan photography, and she is also the founder of the photobook publishing platform msdm. paula typically stylises her name in lower case to avoid hierarchy.


Super-Private: Scenes 1/2/3/4/5/6 (Leporellos)

Concertina bookwork (six versions)
30x11cm, expanding to 40-100cm depending on edition

Super-Private: Scenes 1/2/3/4/5/6 (Leporellos)

Concertina photo-bookwork in six versions, using images taken by a mysterious Lebanese banker in the 1950s.


Laser printed waterproof paper, acetate, card, nickel clip


A humorous twist on the idea of a coffee table book, the nine prints in this photo book can be laid out make a 122x86cm image. The photograph, sourced from the EPS collection/Arab Image Foundation, is rendered as a bitmap.

Today (Torn, Folded and Curled)

Laser printed paper, archival folder, stickers

Today (Torn, Folded and Curled)

An experiment in the genre of the photo essay; an attempt to intersect a collection of photographs from the Al-Yom newspaper photo archives with text sampled from L’Ombre d’Une Ville by the Beirut-based writer and architect Elie-Pierre Sabbagh.

Solo Exhibitions

2017      The Book Dispersed, Casa das Artes + Sputenik & The Window, Porto, Portugal        

2017      All Inked Up, Herbert Read Gallery UCA Canterbury, UK                          

2017      Blackchapel, Whitechapel Wounds, (site-specific installation), msdm studio Whitechapel, London, UK

2016      Whitechapel Guardian (site-specific installation), msdm studio Whitechapel, London, UK

2015      Torn, Folded, Curled, Plan BEY/ Makan, Beirut, Lebanon            

2015      Photo Book Thing, School of Arts & Creative Industries London South Bank University, London, UK

2014      Girls' Own Fiction, flutter project space, London, UK            

2014      We Hasten to Announce to You, East Street Arts Pop-Up, Watford, UK            

2013      Queer Paper Gardens, Museu da Electricidade, Lisbon, Portugal            

2013      Dreaming Through - On & Into the Exotic, 198 Contemporary, London,UK  

2012      The Past Persists in the Present in the Form of a Dream (Participatory Architectures), Brighton Photo Biennial at the Phoenix, Brighton, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017      The Summer of Love, Hive Studio, London, UK            

2016      Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie Photo-Text Award, Arles, France            

2016      KALEID Oslo, KHiO Bibliotek, Oslo National Art Academy, Oslo, Norway

2015      Photobook Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, Bank Street Arts,  Sheffield, UK    

2015      Kaleid Editions, London Art Academy, London            

2015      Art in a Bookshell: a Survey of Artists Working with and Inspired by Books, Milton Gallery, London, UK          

2014      Connecting Worlds, the Drawing Room at UBM Offices, London, UK            

2013      Dear Aby Warburg, What Can be Done with Images?, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen, Germany

2012      Self-Published Newspapers Show, mzin, Leipzig, Germany

2015-2018      The page Turner: Photographic archives, photobookworks and self-publishing, workshops and exhibitions in partnership with the V&A Academy, Lisbon

2015-2018      Photobook Fair at the School of Arts & Creative Industries, London South Bank University, London, UK

2016-2018      Photobook Pop-Up (curator), School of Arts & Creative Industries London South Bank University, London, UK

2016-2018      ə/uh/-books project space for material publishing (curator), School of Arts & Creative Industries, London South Bank University, London, UK            

2017                 Photobook Walks, Maxilla Gallery, London, UK

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards

2016      Bus-Spotting + A Story (photobook) short-listed for Photo-Text Award, Arles Rencontres de Photographie, Arles, France

2015      Nothing To Undo (photobook) First Prize: The Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize,Sheffield, UK            

2015      Nothing To Undo (photobook) short-listed for Photobook Award, Fotobook festival, Kassel, Germany            

2015      Arab Image Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon            

2014      Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee, Belgium              

2013      Adxistur, Xisto Villages, Portugal