Shayna Fonseka

Shayna Fonseka is a multidisciplinary artist, exploring the ideas of the ‘alternate present’ and digitization. She has fictionalized a ‘trans-naturistic’ realm, where nature has started to grow beyond its environmental and physical limitations. A place where organisms begin to disguise themselves within her strange untouched lands. Using plasticine and other haptic materials, she makes sculptural artifacts and organisms ‘taken’ from this realm. Her instinctive methods when sculpting with plasticine celebrate the importance of the unmediated gesture.

Fonseka graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art in 2017.



After the Percussion

Giclee print on aluminium
42 x 29 cm

After the Sun Falls

Giclee print on aluminium
42 x 29 cm


Plasticine is contorted into inventions of various specimens. and placed into hand-painted fanciful landscapes. The impulsive methods used in the cultivation of these ‘beings’, dictate their artificial development, constructing a believable sense of control for herself.

Medicinal Plants

A set of 5 life-size plants, made from icing sugar, stand alongside information about their medicinal properties associated with memory. Relative to each other, the plants medicinal qualities effect the human brain in a deductive way; destructing, erasing and blocking memory.

Windows installation

Acrylic, vinyl, acetate

This window installation is a literal window view into a small aspect of my fictionalised narrative.

Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL AND NOTHING HURT San Mei Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2017 Flock Graduate Exhibition GX Gallery,London, United Kingdom

2017 La Dia Blesse 15f Micawber St, London, United Kingdom

2016 Ecologically Conscious Farmopolis, London, United Kingdom

2015 Doleful Shade The Crypt Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2014 Ben's Show Arlington R, London, United Kingdom

2011 White T-Shirt Underground Gallery Charing Cross

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards