Shinji Toya

Shinji Toya has a diverse practice that includes video, programming, installation and painting. He is interested in how digital technology can be used as a catalyst to interrogate cultural discourse. His recent work has been concerned with digital memory and in particular issues surrounding digital forgetting, immortality of digital memory and the precarious nature of identity and memory within the digital realm. His work can be thought of as multi-media poetry.

Toya was born in Japan and graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2013 where he received the Contagious Nova Award for his work.


Processes of Life/Painting IRL

Digital prints face mounted on acrylic
14.8x8.3 cm face
Prints for a gamified, user-centred installation

A web-based participatory art project for an experimental collective forgetting, and an archive of the lost memories of the participants.

3 Years and 6 Months of Digital Decay

A web-based art project that explores digital decay, the relationship between data and materiality.

Processes of Life Painting

Digital art project inspired by computational simulations of biological processes and Paul Klee's idea of abstraction.

Solo Exhibitions

2018 (April-May) Machines will watch us die, Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK

2018 Collectionair, Paris, France (Online showcase on Collectionair website, the title TBC)

2018 Commission by UGC (shortlisted), Paris, France

2017 (July-September), arebyte gallery (online exhibition), London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017/2016 Group exhibitions by AltMFA (annual event), Yinka Shonibare's Guest Projects, London, UK

2017/2016/2015 Thames live art by AltMFA: Art Licks Weekend (annual participation), Thames side, London, UK

2017/2015 The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, in association with arebyte (online event), London, UK

2016 Interfaces Monthly July (in association with Barbican and Trampery), Fish Island Labs, London, UK

2016 Burlington Gardens Festival, Royal Acdemy of Arts, London, UK

2016 Internet Yami-Ichi (black market), Tate Modern Turbine Hall, London, UK

2016 Multi-Function, galleryELL, New York, USA

2013 Self-discipline and speculation - Beijing New Media Arts Triennial, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing China

2013 Future Map 2012, Lathaby Gallery: Central Saint Martins College of Art, London, UK

Other Projects

2017-2016, arebyte gallery (online residency), London, UK

2015 Merz Barn residency, Merz Barn, Windermere, UK

2013 Contagious Nova Award of Lowe and Partners, RSA, London, UK

Residencies and Awards