Theo Turpin

Theo Turpin is an artist whose practice revolves around the production of installations exploring how history, language, narrative and romance combine to make ideal and idealised space. Through sparse compositions of juxtaposed material, his work takes many forms from collage to audio work and installation. These arrangements are used to explore ideas of narrative and myth being constructed and edited around us in real time, signified through the shared languages of architecture, film and popular culture. It is in this space of globally visible culture that everyday lives are augmented by popular narratives. Turpin is interested in the manifestation of this narrativisation and the ways in which it can not only support but also call into question such norms.


Speculative Space

blue pinboard with photograph of a seascape
59 x 40 cm


white cotton roll neck
White cotton roll neck printed with the word lover
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Solo Exhibitions

La Romantisme C’est La Revolution, with Louis Henderson, Maison Baron, Geneva, Switzerland

Re-Inserting The Human In The Human Myth, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France

Equilibrium, Jotta at Central St Martins, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

Goldsmiths MFA Show, Goldsmiths, London, UK

The Fiction of the Fix, Tenderpixel, London, UK

Acoustic Mirrors, Diaspore, London, UK

Sham Romance, Chalton Gallery, London, UK

"I Never Lied To You", Camberwell Space Projects, Camberwell College of Arts, London

La Methode Jacobson, curated by Marc Bembekoff, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France

Past Future, curated by Cecile Borne Farrell, Bienale D’Anglet, France

"Time Based Exhibition", Le Phenix Scene National, Valenciennes, France

Into The Abyss, Mass at Protein Gallery, London, UK

Straight To The Unknown, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, the Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany

Agency At The Agency, The Agency Gallery, London, Uk

The Pleasure is All Mine, Performance, Auto Italia South East, London, UK

Bold Tendencies III, Hannah Barry Gallery, London, UK

Lightbox, Lucky PDF, London, UK

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards