Theo Turpin

Theo Turpin’s work explores how history, language, narrative and romance combine to make ideal and idealised space. His sparse compositions of juxtaposed material explore fundamental social narratives, which he proposes are being constantly constructed and edited around us in real time, particularly through ‘globally visible culture’, such as architecture, film and popular culture. His work includes collage, installation and audio work.


Blue Pinboard with Photograph of a Seascape

Pinboard, photographs, pins, brass-headed screws
59x40 cm

Blue Pinboard with Photograph of a Seascape

An amplified zone of speculation: Images of holiday locations offering calm space for speculative contemplation are placed within a classic domestic speculative arena, the pinboard.


Screenprinted white cotton roll-neck shirt


White cotton roll neck T-shirt printed with the word LOVER on the collar.

The Quest

Installation with audio on headphones

The Quest

Pin-boards, cushions and an iPad playing a commissioned five-song mix conforming to the narrative conventions of a ‘Quest’ story.

This Is For The United Readers And Lovers

PVC banner, amplified audio

This Is For The United Readers And Lovers

Audio work comprising various fan fiction alternate endings to Romeo and Juliet, read by the artist. On the wall is a PVC banner of a cyan to white gradient made to the dimensions of a 16:9 ratio screen.

Re-Inserting The Human In The Human Myth

Floor vinyl

Re-Inserting The Human In The Human Myth

Images of the dancer Remy Heretier re-translating key ornaments from Palladian (neo-Venician) architecture, arranged to depict a grand facade.

Romance As Mythology or Mythology As Romance

Installation with video projection and audio

Romance As Mythology or Mythology As Romance

A video projection of a 3D animated obelisk gently rotating. An edit of all the monologues from the film ‘How The West Was Won’, re-performed by an actor using the techniques of verbatim theatre, play through the headphones.

This Is Film Time, Image By Image

Installation, various media

This Is Film Time, Image By Image

The pin-boards produce the image of a sea view from a modernist villa, the audio playing from headphones tells a story of two characters based at opposite sides of the building while the speakers play a soundtrack which narrativises the work.

Solo Exhibitions

La Romantisme C’est La Revolution, with Louis Henderson, Maison Baron, Geneva

Re-Inserting The Human in the Human Myth, Palais De Tokyo, Paris

Equilibrium, Jotta at Central St Martins, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

Goldsmiths MFA Show, Goldsmiths, London

The Fiction of the Fix, Tenderpixel, London

Acoustic Mirrors, Diaspore, London

Sham Romance, Chalton Gallery, London

"I Never Lied To You", Camberwell Space Projects, Camberwell College of Arts, London

La Methode Jacobson, curated by Marc Bembekoff, Palais De Tokyo, Paris

Past Future, curated by Cecile Borne Farrell, Bienale D’Anglet, France

"Time Based Exhibition", Le Phenix Scene National, Valenciennes, France

Into The Abyss, Mass at Protein Gallery, London

Straight To The Unknown, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, the Forgotten Bar, Berlin

Agency At The Agency, The Agency Gallery, London

The Pleasure is All Mine, Performance, Auto Italia South East, London

Bold Tendencies III, Hannah Barry Gallery, London

Lightbox, Lucky PDF, London

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards