Thomson & Craighead

Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead work across video, sound, sculpture, installation and online space, using technology as a means to reformulate fundamental human questions for contemporary times. Over the last twenty years, they have produced a generous body of lyrical artworks that examine the changing socio-political structures of the Information Age. A particular focus is the ever closer connection of the digital and physical worlds, creating an additional geographical layer in our collective sensorium. 



Digital print on bone china plate
21x21x2 cm


A bone china plate inscribed with its distance from itself.

A Live Portrait of Tim Berners-Lee

Digital video projection from online sources

A Live Portrait of Tim Berners-Lee

A video-drawing made from two live cameras located on opposite sides of the world and eleven time zones apart from each other. As the earth rotates, night becomes day and day becomes night, inverting the image invert every twelve hours.

Apocalypse Perfume

Perfume, glass bottle, printed box and card inserts

Apocalypse Perfume

A perfume developed in collaboration with a with a professional perfumer, based on the olfactory (smell-related) materials described in The Book Of Revelation as it appears in the King James Bible. A chemical depiction of the biblical End of Times.


Light box, lenticular print


An edition of twelve photographic light boxes each displaying twelve frames taken from a corrupt video file found online; a file intended to put a virus onto the downloader's computer.

Common Era

A1 digital prints

Common Era

Common Era is a series of sixteen posters, each describing a different prediction of the end of the world described by prophets, scientists, and gurus, from Nostradamus to Schroeder and Smith.


CRT monitor, video projector, computer, speakers


A poetry machine that uses the human genome as a music score, playing back a self-assembling video montage spanning the thirteen years it took the Human Genome Project to complete the first documented human DNA sequence.

The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order

Video, 1 hour 45 mins

The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order

A re-edit of the classic 1960 film with every word put into alphabetical order. The arbitrary use of a system of classification enables a kind of time travel is attempted through the reclamation and distortion of the movie's original timeline.

Solo Exhibitions

2018    The Academy of Saturn, Cooley Gallery, Portland, USA            

2018     I Was Raised in the Internet, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA

2017    The New Observatory, FACT, Liverpool, UK            

2017    I Want! I Want! I Want!, Birmingham City Gallery, Birmingham, UK            

2017    Perpetual Uncertainty, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium            

2017    Slow Violence, UH Galleries, Hatfield, UK  

2017    Wake me up when it's over, Young Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, USA            

2016    Party Booby Trap, Carroll/Fletcher, London, UK            

2014    Maps DNA and Spam, Dundee Contemporary Arts          

2013    Not even the Sky, MEWO Kunsthalle, Memminge, Germany            

2013    Never odd or even, Carroll/Fletcher, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017    Glut: Information, images and Excess, Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK            

2017    Monsters of the Machine, Laboral, Gijon, Spain            

2016    Electronic Superhighway, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK            

2016    Perpetual Uncertainty, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden            

2015    Art in the age of asymmetrical warfare, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands       

2014    Thingworld, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China    

Other Projects

Residencies and Awards