A Range of Exciting New Releases for December 2018

From 90's bitmaps to doormats of consent, from chicken shop tea towels to drawings of Jessica Fletcher, it's all coming this December!

November 23, 2018

Join us at our launch event on the 4th of December (upstairs at the Wheatsheaf in Fitzrovia, London) or take a look online at our host of editions coming out just in time for Christmas!

We're really pleased to be able to announce a pretty incredible lineup:

- Jonny Tanna's amazing bitmap images from his short story, 'The Smarter Child'

- Adrian Lee's 'Doormat of Consent', a must for anyone concerned about issues of privacy

- Charlie Tweed's Oporavak, a still from his video work of the same name

- Sean Lynch's tea towel featuring a legendary Chicken and Ribs logo first seen in Southend in 1986

- Nina Coulson has now pressed and bagged up her four leaf clovers and is selling them as individual editions alongside the plants