Information for Artists

Infinite Multiple shows strong, interesting work from invited emerging and established contemporary artists. Unlike a unique artwork or limited edition, artists are free to make as many multiples as they want, for as long as they want, so prices come down and audiences go up.

All artworks are affordable and of modest scale, costing between £20 and £300, with lower priced works selling better. being successful on in nite multiple is not related to how much an artwork is valued at, but how many are sold
artwork can be in any media, including prints, drawings, objects, practical items, video, audio, software and clothing. when developing an artwork for in nite multiple, think carefully about how it is made, as you may need to produce it in large quantities (or delegate the work to an assistant or to in nite multiple). all artworks must be archival quality. in nite multiple will need a minimum number supplied initially (between 5 and 50, depending on scale), then replenished as required
to propose an artwork please send:

- up to 3 images/sketches of the proposed artwork

- a description of the artwork and the thinking behind it, maximum 150 words
- a description of the materials and processes used to make it, maximum 150 words - the name and email of the person who invited you to propose
emerging artists please also send:
- a description of yourself and your practice, maximum 300 words
- your cv
- 5 images of previous work with brief descriptions and web links if necessary. please put everything into a single pdf document saved as:  rstname_secondname_ artworktitle_in nitemultiple_dateas31/01/17 and email it to proposals@in

please get this to us before 20 June 2017

you are welcome to send multiple proposals, from anywhere in the world. in nite multiple endeavours to respond to all proposals within 4 weeks. if accepted, you will be asked to provide a sample artwork. we will then work with you to  nalise its fabrication process and pricing.

proposals of existing multiples are accepted, if issues with already editioned sales can be resolved in nite multiple is committed to passing on pro ts to artists, as well as keeping prices down for collectors, with 50% of the price of an artwork going to the artist. we are currently unable to offer any support for materials or labour, although this is something we hope will change in the future. we are happy to explore other forms of self-funding with artists